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Who We Are ?

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SACB Investment Company was established in 2018 as a result of the full integration of NASCO Global Limited and Nasser Ali Al Saeedan Co. Ltd., which operates 38 branches around the world. And investment experience since 1972.
Its objective is to make unique and unique global investments. To raise the benefits of its clients investors from around the world.
SACB is a group of highly experienced experts in international investment. It also houses a group of global consulting firms in a global alliance. Aims at planting the latest investment means in all countries of the world. We are building a unique future in investment.
We finance, execute and operate all successful government projects after being studied by economic studies experts. We also target developing countries with our modern energy technologies.
We are happy to offer all we have to our special clients and excellence in their location.

Dr.. Nasser bin Ali Al Saidan